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Product details of APC Liquid, Interior Cleaner, Multi Cleaner (1liter)

  • APC Cleaner, Interior Cleaner Liquid formula.APC Liquid is used to clean All internal areas of Car.It gives A very Quick shine after Cleaning.It has a very good fragrance in it that no need of any perfume after using Multi Cleaner.It is Natural Base formula that is Not harmrful for your hands and Interior. To Clean the Car Interior(leather, fabric, raxin ,plastic), Dashboard area, steering wheel and Center console. Take a soft micro fiber cloth, dipped in multi cleaner mixed with Water, to wipe down your dirty Area.Multi Cleaner Ready to use Restore Your Vehicle inside Plastic Parts Specially Dashboard, Door,Leather With extra shine and Protection Feature.Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 5ltr , 20 ltr


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