Speedy Wash (20 LITER)



Product details of Car Wash Snow Foaming Shampoo, Super Wash (20 LITER)

It is a Carwash Alkline Base Formula.

You Can Mix 1 liter Pre wash with 200 Liter Water.

Super Wash is a Per Wash When a Vehicle Surface Need to b Cleaned.

You Reduce the Risk of Surface imperfection Via the Correct way of Washing.

Pre-Washing removes much of the Dirt and grime Without the need for Mechanical Cleaning.

Best for commercial Users.

It is a Foaming Formula which is best to Clean Dust and Dirt on Your Car.

It can be Used for Body, External Areas, Wheels, Tyres, Engine and All outside areas of your Vehicle.

It Clean Your Vehicle Wheels as Natural Black.


Available in  1ltr, 5ltr , 20 ltr


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