All Rounder

black to black is used for outside plastic and treys which gives durable shining.
Ref: 5B-ARP-100
Price: 34.55 € excl.BTW

Rim Shine

Rim shine formula contains alu acid which cleans car’s rims very efficiently without giving bad smell and it does not harden car’s rims.
Ref: B5-RS-100
Price: 33.75 € excl.BTW

Rim Shine Extra

Rim shine extra is an improved formula with alkalic instead of acid. It gives extra shine and glow car’s rims and treys.
Price: 38.75 € excl.BTW
Ref: B5-RSE-100

Insect Remover

Insect remover used to remove bug’s and their sticky liquid from the surface of car. It also removes tar & chrome and it can be used anywhere which contains plastic.
Ref: B5-IR-100
Price: 36.25 € excl.BTW

Super Wash

Super wash produces extra foam with fresh fragrance and shine car’s surface. And it also soften car’s surface which gives young look.
Ref: B5-SW-100
Price: 31.25 € excl.BTW

Jet Wash

Jet wash is an improved formula which is extra strong and gives extra foam with fresh fragrance. It soften car’s surface which gives young look.
Ref: B5-JW-100
Price: 37.50 € excl.BTW

Power Wash Shampoo

Power wash is a manual wash which has powerful detergent and beautiful fragrance.
Ref: B5-PWS-100
Price: 29.85 € excl.BTW

Extra Glass

Extra glass is an improved formula which cleans glass swiftly, anti dust, anti mist additives and gives streak free shine.
Ref: B5-EG-100
Price: 28.75 € excl.BTW

Hot Shine Wax

Hot shine wax is an anti aging formula which gives young look to your car, dries surface quickly, gives protection and streak free shine.,
Ref: B5-HSW-100
Price: 44.55 € excl.BTW

Nano Shine Wax

Nano shine wax is an updated formula which dries surface quickly, gives extra streak-free shine and resist against water, dust, bugs and gives protection.
Ref: B5-NSW-100
Price: 52.35 € excl.BTW

Multi Cleaner

Multi cleaner used for leather, platic, cloth cleaning which keeps interior in orignal condition and resist against dirt with fine odour.
Ref: B5-MC-100
Price: 33.75 € excl.BTW

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